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Posted by on Sep 25, 2017 in Chapter Meeting

SUN 10/15 @ 2:00pm | Guest Heather Boorman, LCSW, on Intensity, Anxiety, & Existential Worry

SUN 10/15 @ 2:00pm | Guest Heather Boorman, LCSW, on Intensity, Anxiety, & Existential Worry

boormanHeather Boorman, LCSW, joins St. Croix Valley Gifted for a conversation about helping kids find paths through socio-emotional intensity, anxiety, or existential worry.

Kids may feel they’re lost in the woods on an ordinary school day. Tests and assignments. Peer relationships, bullying, or social pressure to conform. Family dynamics and stress at home. Desire for connection and understanding. Untangling big emotions and frustration. Making sense of social media or events in their world.

TopicFinding Paths Through: Helping Kids with Socio-Emotional Intensity, Anxiety, or Existential Worry – Download Flyer (color or grayscale .pdf)

When | Sunday 10/15, 2:00 – 4:00pm

Where | Stillwater Public Library, Margaret Rivers B
224 Third St. N., Stillwater

When trees crowd around them, when intensities rule kids’ everyday experiences, when various needs go unmet, or when cognitive wiring works differently from others around them, kids’ distress signals can go unnoticed, go underground, get beyond their control, and get in the way of finding a path through the woods.

About our Guest: Heather Boorman

thefringybit Heather Boorman, LCSW, provides therapy to kids, adults, and families at her private practice, Boorman Counseling, LLC, in Western Wisconsin. She is particularly impassioned to work with “kids on the fringes” and their families, who live with the joys and challenges of atypical developmental needs. Heather serves on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Association of the Gifted and Talented, and has presented on a variety of topics throughout the Midwest. Explore her writing and listen to The Fringy Bit podcast at Find The Fringy Bit on Facebook or Twitter.