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Posted by on Sep 8, 2016 in Announcements, Community Outreach, Featured Resource, Members Only, School Update

Reach for the Stars reaches Educators, Students

Reach for the Stars reaches Educators, Students

reachSchools across the St. Croix Valley are receiving over 1,000 free copies of the 2016-2017 Minnesota Reach for the Stars Guide thanks to St. Croix Valley Gifted and the Synergy & Leadership Exchange.

“It makes good sense to ensure the St. Croix Valley can tap into the vast Minnesota K-12 learning and enrichment resources Reach for the Stars gathers in one place,” says incoming chapter president Margaret Thomas.

St. Croix Valley Gifted has made the guide’s print edition available in past years at their chapter meetings, but discovered in July that no existing direct efforts placed these guides into the hands of local students and teachers.

What’s in the Reach for the Stars Guide?

Reach for the Stars puts over 100 academic programs, challenges, competitions, events and enrichment opportunities for K-12 students at your fingertips. Each listing has received the Minnesota Academic League Council‘s endorsement.

Whether explored outside the school day or embedded within classroom learning, these programs help Minnesota students discover interests, develop passions and talents, and solve problems. Reach for the Stars cross-references each program to grade level skills and curricular areas:

Ingenuity & Applied Strategic Thinking · Science & Engineering · Vocabulary · Mathematics · Performing & Visual Arts · Creative Writing · History, Civics & Social Studies · Speech & Debate · Business · Leadership · World Languages

Who should pick up a copy?

Teachers, student counselors, instructional coaches, parents and students all will find something useful in Reach for the Stars.  Download our letter to students and educators with more details.

Where can I get one?

During September, volunteer members of the St. Croix Valley Gifted board are delivering Reach for the Stars 2016-2017 to local principals or counselors at:

  • Each District 834 elementary, both junior high schools, and Stillwater Area High School
  • Salem Lutheran
  • St. Croix Catholic School
  • St. Croix Preparatory Academy’s Lower, Middle, and Upper schools
  • St. Croix Montessori

You can also pick up a free copy at any upcoming St. Croix Valley Gifted chapter meeting.