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Twice Exceptional (2E) Learners


  • IDEA Applies to ‘Twice Exceptional’ Students, Too by Michelle Diament via DisabilityScoop 1 May 2015
  • The 2E Student: Damaging Myths by Dr. Michael Postma, Ph.D., via 2E Learners 2 Feb 2015


  • Joys and Challenges of Twice-Exceptional Kids, a global #gtchat Twitter chat hosted by #TAGT, Texas Association for Gifted and Talented 1 Oct 2014
  • Gifted + Learning Disabled = No Desk for You, Says Study by Daniel B. Peters, PhD., via HuffPost Education 31 Mar 2014
  • New Data Show Kids With Disabilities Shut Out of Gifted Programs, Held Back More Often Than Others via National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) 2014
  • NAGC Position Statement: Ensuring 2E Students Receive Appropriate Services via NAGC Oct 2013
  • Critical Issues in the Identification of Gifted Students With Co-Existing Disabilities by Barbara Jackson Gilman, et al., in SAGE Open 29 Sept 2013
  • Navigating the World of Special Education with your Gifted Student via Digest of Gifted Research, Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP), December 2013
  • Gifted and Dyslexic: How the Talent-centered Model Works by S. Baum, 2e Newsletter November/December 2013 via Davidson Institute for Talent Development
  • Fresh Fuel Reignites Asperger’s Debate, with links to original research paper: The relationship of Asperger’s syndrome to autism – A preliminary EEG coherence study by Frank H Duffy MD, Aditi Shankardass PhD, Gloria B McAnulty PhD and Heidelise Als PhD, in BMC Medicine 2013, 11:175 via Alpha Galileo Foundation 29 Jul 2013  
  • VIDEO: Accurate Assessment? Aspergers Disorder and Other Common Misdiagnoses and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted by James Webb, PhD, via University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health 19 May 2011