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Caregiver Stresses


  • Why You Don’t Want Your Child to be a Genius by Kate Ashford via BBC News 16 Nov 2015
  • Seven Myths Surrounding Parents of Gifted Children by Lisa Conrad via Gifted Parenting Support 2 Mar 2015
  • How Do You Say Gifted? a blog hop at the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum 16 Feb 2015
  • Guilty Thoughts: What Parents of Gifted Children Really Think by Gail Post, Ph.D., via Gifted Challenges 13 Jan 2015

2010 – 2014

  • Motivation: Recapturing the Joy of Learning by Molly Isaacs-McLeod via SENGVine Mar 2014 
  • #9 Gifted Students Have Parents who Know and Understand How Difficult it is to Raise a Gifted Child by Celi Trepanier via Crushing Tall Poppies 17 Oct 2014
  • Banish Boredom from School for your Gifted Child by Gail Post, PhD. via Gifted Challenges 12 Sep 2014
  • Guest Post: Snappy Answers to Stupid Excuses (for Parents of Gifted Kids) by Jim Delisle via Free Spirit Publishing 18 July 2014
  • Tracking Students’ Grades Minute-By-Minute: Help or Hindrance? by Linda Flanagan via Mind/Shift 5 May 2014
  • If School isn’t Doing it, Who Can? via Life with Intensity 22 Sept 2013
  • Envy and Giftedness: Are We Underestimating the Effects of Envy? via Microscopes are Prudent 7 June 2013
  • Why Parenting a Gifted Child is Lonely via Childhood Inspired 15 July 2012