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Posted by on Jan 3, 2016 in In the Metro, Stillwater ISD 834

Stillwater Area Schools introduce proposal to consolidate elementary schools

Stillwater Area Schools introduce proposal to consolidate elementary schools

The school board is considering a proposal to consolidate three elementary schools – Marine, Oak Park and Withrow – with neighboring schools to create seven right-sized schools. A formal recommendation will be made January 7 with a decision expected in February. –

Oak Park Elementary is home to the district GATE Program. Regardless of action taken on this proposal, changes are in store for the GATE program as district elementary schools are reconfigured in 2017-2018 to PreK – 5th grade. GATE currently serves elementary students in grades 4-6.

No official announcements about the future direction for GATE and district GT services have been introduced.

Update #1: Though not described in detail, the January 7 school board presentation included mention of expanding GATE to encompass students in grades 3-8 with program relocation to the Stillwater Junior High School building. Specifics about this expansion such as location(s) for elementary and secondary classrooms, timetable, funding, etc., are pending.

Update #2: Further district changes to the GATE program are on hold. Implementation of the BOLD proposal has been stayed by the school board pending appeal and outcome of litigation. Refer to the May 12, 2016 board meeting materials, Agenda Item IX.A at the district website for summary details.