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Posted by on Oct 11, 2015 in Featured Resource, Stillwater ISD 834, Throwback Thursday

TBT | District Services Overview with Dr. Diane Heacox

TBT | District Services Overview with Dr. Diane Heacox


This week’s #TBT post captures resources and handouts from the April 2015 St. Croix Valley Gifted chapter meeting with district leaders from Stillwater Area Public Schools and their guest, Dr. Diane Heacox, Ed.D.

Dr. Heacox, a noted Twin Cities expert and author on gifted and talented education, has partnered with Stillwater Schools on professional development and other aspects of the district’s Bridge to Excellence strategic plan.


What’s the latest on ISD 834 education services for GT learners attending or considering enrollment at Stillwater Area Public Schools? St. Croix Valley Gifted invites you to a conversation with district educators and leadership about supports for high-ability learners.

District speakers

  • Dr. Diane Heacox, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Education at St. Catherine University and author of Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom, and Differentiating for Gifted Learners with co-author Dr. Richard Cash, Ed.D.
  • Malinda Lansfeldt, Executive Director of Learning Services and Elementary Education, Stillwater Area Public Schools (ETA Oct 2015: Now Principal at Lily Lake Elementary)
  • Denise Cote, Curriculum Lead, Stillwater Area Public Schools

Related Resources

Dr. Heacox shared these resources during her presentation on 4/21/15:

St. Croix Valley Gifted meeting handouts

Additional support resources are available at the St. Croix Valley Gifted member group, and at our Gifted 101 and Resources pages.

  • Defying National Trend, Minnesota Increases Gifted Programs / Response to Intervention Model (.pdf)
  • SENG | The Ultimate Plan to Help Gifted Education [and Improve Education for All Kids in the Process] (.pdf)
  • The Professional School Counselor and Gifted and Talented Student Programs (.pdf)
  • Checklist for Middle School Gifted Programs (.pdf)
  • Why Aren’t You Advocating for Your Gifted Child? (.pdf) by Gail Post, Ph.D.
  • IEA |  Leaving Behind Normalcy: Asynchrony and the Gifted Child (.pdf) by Brianna Safe
  • MEGT | 2015 Position Paper: Mandated Services for Gifted Education (.pdf)