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Posted by on Apr 19, 2017 in Chapter Meeting

TUES 5/2 at 6:30pm | Survival in the Fire Swamp

TUES 5/2 at 6:30pm | Survival in the Fire Swamp

Drop your sword and join St. Croix Valley Gifted for a chocolate-coated conversation about kids who are calling out to be seen, heard, taught and challenged!

Topic Survival in the Fire Swamp – Download Flyer (color or grayscale .pdf)

When | Tuesday 5/2, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Where | Stillwater Junior High School Media Center
532 Marsh St. West, Stillwater

chalktalkWhen kids’ learning and socio-emotional needs fall beyond what’s considered “typical” for their age-assigned classroom grade, reaching the end of the school year can feel like emerging from the Fire Swamp. Now, when the journey is fresh, is the perfect time to explore: How does each new school year send students – and your efforts to guide them – back to the beginning? 

Do you steel yourself for “re-set conversations” about your student(s)? Have you noticed patterns in the hurdles you must leap each year? As advocates and caregivers, is it inconceivable to avoid (or eradicate) these “terrors of the Fire Swamp” so kids’ differences are both seen and addressed? We’ll even wrestle the giant question: Are we stuck with the “gifted” label? Does it mean what you think it means?