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Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Greater Minnesota, In the Metro

SAT 11/12 | Lisa Van Gemert delivers Keynote at 2016 MCGT Conference

SAT 11/12 | Lisa Van Gemert delivers Keynote at 2016 MCGT Conference

vangemertLisa Van Gemert ( will deliver the 2016 MCGT Conference keynote address on Saturday, November 12. An educator by training, Van Gemert uses a combination of neuropsychology, pedagogy, humor, technology and sheer fun, to share best practices in gifted education with audiences around the world.  She’s learned that GT stands for “Good Teaching” and “Good Thinking” as much as “Gifted and Talented.”

2016 MCGT Conference Details

Date & TimeSaturday, November 12 – 8:30am check-in, Conference sessions from 9:00 – 4:30pm
Place | Robbinsdale Middle School, 3730 Toledo Ave N, Robbinsdale, MN
Cost$55 for members, $70 for non-members (pay member rate if you join with registration), $25 for second adult in the same family
Register online
Session Info Preview session descriptions for adult and youth conference programming

Conference youth programs for students in K-7 are filling quickly and available via pre-registration only. Choose a morning and an afternoon class led by experienced teachers. There are no facilities for children younger than kindergarten.

Students in grades 8-12 may register to attend adult sessions or sign up to volunteer in order to meet service hour goals. Contact Shari at with questions about conference volunteer opportunities.

Lisa Van Gemert’s Keynote: The Five-Headed Dragon

Gifted individuals aren’t just regular people with higher intelligence. They have their own sets of “dragons” that present their own challenges. Gifted youth face many threats to their well-being, both cognitively and emotionally, that prevent them from achieving their dreams. We will face five of these threats head-on: Stereotype Threat, Imposter Syndrome, Bullying the Bright, Underachievement, and Perfectionism. These threats distort gifted youths’ views of themselves, create hesitancy where boldness is needed, turn victors into victims, deny gifts, and prevent academic risk-taking. Giving educators and parents the tools they need to ward off the Five-headed dragon will allow gifted learners to soar to new heights of personal and academic fulfillment.

Lisa Van Gemert also will facilitate three of the conference breakout sessions:

  1.  The Delicate Balance of Boundaries with the Gifted. While gifted youth need more leeway and independence at earlier ages than do their typical learner peers, that doesn’t mean they need less parenting. Identifying and sustaining appropriate boundaries with peers, adult interaction, and even electronics can challenge the best and most dedicated of parents. Using a metaphor of fences, learn the key ideas parents need to find and maintain suitable guidelines for their children without dampening the child’s spirits or feeling like they’ve surrendered all control to their kids. This session was designed with Dr. Dan Peters, Executive Director of California’s Summit Center.
  2. Lit from Within: The Secrets of Internal Motivation. Ever wonder what to do with a gifted child not living up to his or her potential? Learn the secrets behind enhancing achievement drive in gifted students. What does the research say? Find out the pitfalls of rewards, and take away seven strategies you can use right now to light the fire within any child.
  3. Conversation with Lisa.  This informal open-ended session will allow participants to  discuss related topics with the keynoter.

Read Lisa Van Gemert’s latest at

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