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Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in Announcements, Community Outreach, Members Only, Online

Local Outreach | November is Time to Speak Up for Area Gifted Students

Local Outreach | November is Time to Speak Up for Area Gifted Students

speakupYou asked St. Croix Valley Gifted for a focused local effort that advocates for K-12 gifted students. This is the effort, now is the time.

We ask you to step forward and speak up in November. Start a conversation. Share your thoughts with district leaders. Send them an email or pick up the phone.

Take These Easy Steps

Know the Goal. > Put community voices together as a constructive force that advocates for data-driven, research-based, student-focused gifted instruction and learning supports for Stillwater Area Schools across K-12.

Review. > What will you say? Ask yourself these four questions as a starting point:

  1. How do gifted services and/or advanced course options influence my family’s choices about where to enroll students for school?
  2. Why do gifted services and/or advanced course options matter to student growth? How do they deliver personalized learning for my student(s)?
  3. What is working and what is missing for gifted learners where my student(s) attend(s) school?
  4. How would I like to see the school district grow, adapt, or strengthen gifted services and/or advanced course options to reach…
    • Stated mission and strategic plan goals?
    • Students at particular school locations?
    • Students by age (elementary, junior high / middle school, high school)?
    • Diverse student populations (2E, culture / EL, socio-economic)?

Speak Up. > Add your voice. Call or email. Share your story. What matters is that you choose to share feedback with school leaders during November.

Invite. > You know people who may want to be part of this effort. Kids and education are their priorities. You’re connected through school, teams, or shared interests. Invite them to join us! Share buttons below let you link this post on your favorite social media sites.

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